Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grocery Haul & Budget for this week

Hey loves!

Sorry this post is up a bit later than before.  Yesterday wasn't so great and I ended up sleeping in a bit this morning but I wanted to put this up for you all because I took pictures of my grocery hauls this Monday and Tuesday. 

So Monday, I went to Walmart. 

I got the following:
4 2-liter coke products
febreeze air freshner thing! (smells so good)
fat free half and half
4 frozen meals
2 cans albacore tuna (great for my lunches!)
cat food
dog food
great value disinfecting wipes

Total: $37.88

Tuesday I went to Aldi's to get the rest of what I needed for the week.  Love Aldis, it is so much cheaper and the products are great almost all the time. 

I got the following:
pack of waterbottles (24 maybe?)
12 rolls of bath tissue
bag of golden delicious apples
coffee creamer
organic linguini noodles
bag of navel oranges
Italian lettuce mix
baby carrots
2% American cheese
light sour cream
2% shredded cheese
chicken kabobs
potatoes o brien
organic coffee k cups
Columbian coffee k cups-GREAT by the way, they both are!
fruit squeezies
alfredo sauce
dish tablets
spicy hummus
large ego bag
Total spent before this week: $117.71
Total spent this week: $95.02 (right under budget!)
Total left for the month: $87.27
I have 100 budgeted per week.  We should only be in town three weeks this month so that is $300.00 for the month of November.  I should be able to stay under this.  We are stocked up on a lot of things right now but I will have to buy a big bag of dog food soon for around 10 bucks. 
I hope you all enjoyed this.  Do you follow a grocery budget?  Where is your favorite place to shop?


  1. I desperately need to get us on a budget!
    Kinda hard when you literally struggled in 2013 to not want to just blow money & have a little fun ya know?
    I'm in love with Aldi, such a great place to shop.

    1. I love aldis too! It is so hard to get on a budget but you can totally do it if you put your mind to it! Sometimes it's kind of fun seeing how you can stay within it :) good luck!!

  2. I've never shopped at Aldi's but maybe I should start! Also, I can't believe your dog food is only $10!

    1. GIRL you should totally check out Aldis! And yes I can usually get it for under 10.00 at Walmart, of course that is the ol roy brand, BUT sometimes I pair coupons with the other name brand ones and it comes out to around the same price! We add wet food to the dry stuff too :)