Monday, November 10, 2014

8 Daily Things I do to keep my house clean and my husband happy!

So, I am pretty happy with staying at home. 

However I am the type of person who really needs structure. 

Because before you know it I will have three different things going on at the same time and never finish them. 

Maybe it's just me?

Anyways.  I like when things are planned out for me and I have somewhat of a schedule to go by. 

I have not had a real, working schedule since July.  SO here goes.

I have created a daily TO DO as far as cleaning goes, for M-F.  Although on Tuesdays when I have a morning meeting (Weight Watchers...have I not shared that?) it will be different. 

These things must get done every day, preferably between the hours of 10am-12pm. 

1. Make Bed.

2. Feed the naughty dog that has torn apart my beautiful outdoor mat from Target that was on clearance.
3. Pick up Items and put them away....Kitchen table, Living Room, Office. Bathrooms. Bedroom. I am somewhat notorious for having clothes scattered on the bathroom/bedroom floor...
That was the before.
The After. Nice and clean.
Take note Santa Claus!
4. Wipe Counters in Kitchen and Bathrooms.  This includes doing dishes if they are in the sink!
Notice the delicious mint mocha candle burning on the clean countertop.  Ah.
5. Clean the stove top with damp/dry paper towels.  I have a glass top stove with which I have a LOVE/HATE relationship.  It is the most annoying thing in the world to clean.  Daily you need to dampen a paper towel with water and get all the crud you can off, then dry with another paper towel.  If you are doing a big kitchen clean then you can use the bar keepers friend glass stove top cleaner or another cleaner made for glass top stoves. 
6. Quickly sweep up the kitchen floor and near the litter box. 
7. If it's laundry day, start my laundry so that I can finish it up in the afternoon.  For example, today I did that.  I also put away a basket of laundry I had sitting there on the bedroom floor... 
8. Get dressed and put on makeup.  You might even see me in jeans on a good day.  :)


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